Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Living Sacrifice Album Review

Living Sacrifice – The Infinite Order
Solid State, 2010


Christian death metal legends Living Sacrifice released two monumental albums, The Hammering Process (2000) and Conceived In Fire (2002), before calling it quits and the members moving on to other projects. The band quietly reformed and self-released the two-song Death Machine EP in 2008, and now are back in full force with The Infinite Order. While The Hammering Process was a quantum leap forward in the band’s sound, The Infinite Order sees Living Sacrifice continuing their groovy, tribal-infused death metal sound as if the seven years since Conceived In Fire had never passed. “Overkill Exposure” sets the tone for The Infinite Order with a brutal assault of epic proportions. Other standout tracks are “Nietzche’s Madman” with its wicked middle section that leads into the guitar solo and “Organized Lie”, a vicious pummeling of frenetic riffs. Most of the songs are faster, mid-tempo affairs, but the band isn’t afraid to pick up the speed for a few of the 11 songs. Many of the guitar solos sound like they would be at home on earlier releases from Slayer or Exodus, something I never picked up from other Living Sacrifice albums. There’s really not a bad song here, and it’s easy to let yourself get consumed by the sheer intensity of the album while listening to it. Overall, The Infinite Order is a fantastic continuation of the Living Sacrifice legacy. Fans won’t be let down, and let’s just hope that the wait for the next album won’t be so long.

Living Sacrifice will be appearing at The Vault in Buffalo on Sunday, February 14. Support will come from War Of Ages, Shai Hulud, Lionheart, The Commission, and Your Memorial.

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