Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back Up and Running (Almost)!

What the heck's been going on here? I hope to have things back to some semblance of order soon. Everything disappeared for a while, and it's had me confused, too. It seems that my entire Google account got caught up in a suspend-and-purge frenzy that's been going on this year at Google. This not only affected this blog, but all of the Google products that are associated with it: YouTube, Calendar, Picassa, get the picture. Just one day everything was gone - poof!

No explanation was given to me when some of the services were restored, but I can't help wondering if having links to the file storage site Megaupload (which was forcibly shut down under dubious circumstances early this year) tripped an automatic suspension of service. Of course, I've never uploaded any copyrighted videos, music, or photos, and only post album artwork under legitimate fair use. So it's a mystery as to why this blog (as well as all of the other services) were targeted. I'm still waiting for my YouTube account to be reactivated.

Please bear with me as I try to continue to get all of this resolved. As you can imagine, there's a lot of things I have been unable to update during this time and some things that are still not fully functional on this site, and it won't all get done overnight. In the meantime, expect a complete update to the Concert Calendar as well as some miscellaneous posts until everything is completely functional. I appreciate your patience and loyalty! Please keep checking back regularly for many more fun things to come. 

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