Friday, June 4, 2010

Attention Album Review

Attention – Through The Wire
Self-released, 2010
This unabashedly pop-rock album is a bit different from most of the fare that’s reviewed here, but Attention has certainly earned their due. Attention was formed from the ashes of Atlantic recording artists Gratitude, which featured vocalist Jonah Matranga (Far). Prior to this, their second album, the band released an EP and album, they’ve already toured the US and England, and had their music featured in a variety of cable television shows. Add to this a top unsigned band accolade from Alternative Press, and it’s immediately apparent that Attention should be poised to break out. Although this type of pop rock isn’t what I choose to listen to on my own time, I can appreciate that Attention are excellent songwriters. Put a massive marketing budget behind the band, put them on an Incubus or Rob Thomas tour, arrange late night TV appearances, and Attention will be a household name. “Whispers”, “Your Heart”, and “Perfectly Clear Skies” are the most driven songs on the album, mixed in with ballads and upbeat rock tunes. Nearly every song is tailor-made for top 40/rock radio. The hooks and melodies here are huge, and it’s hard to stop yourself from singing along. You also have to admire the singular focus of Attention on writing tight, memorable rock songs. There’s no attempt to crossover into trendy emo-rock wallowing or insincere, ham-fisted stabs at sounding like an alternative rock band. This is radio-friendly pop rock, and it’s done very well. Based on their prior industry experiences, I wouldn’t be surprised if Attention is intentionally avoiding the dying business of major record labels. If a band with mass-market appeal can find a way to survive independently, I have no doubts that Attention will find such a way. Fans of radio-friendly rock should get their hands on Through The Wire, especially since it is available for free download through Attention’s website:
Attention will be supporting Bret Michaels at the Medina Entertainment Center in Medina on Friday, June 4.

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