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Far - April 2, 1998, Kansas City, MO, The Hurricane

Far - April 2, 1998, Kansas City, Missouri, The Hurricane
Video and audio recording
Having just reviewed the new album from Attention (here), it's a good excuse to post the complete video and audio of a show by Far that I recorded in 1998. The connection is that Far vocalist Jonah Matranga sang with most members of Attention in Gratitude, who released one album through Atlantic in 2005. Far never achieved more than a small cult following, but their 1998 album, Water & Solutions, is considered a landmark forerunner of today's emo-rock. This show captures Far less than a month after the release of Water & Solutions during a period that is considered the band's definitive time. On this tour Far was supporting Incubus (promoting the awesome S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album) with Ultraspank (before their first album was released). Although this particular night had some of the best lighting at The Hurricane, the video quality didn't hold up. It's very listenable and watchable, but I'd give both aspects of the recording a B. The set is mostly songs from Water & Solutions, with only two songs from Tin Cans With Strings To You performed. There's a song that I can't identify after re-listening to the band's entire catalog, so maybe someone can help me with this. If this is an unreleased song, I'm going to call it "For Ray". The encore song, "Seasick", is funny to check out. Weezer's "El Scorcho" is improvised before Jonah calls two guys from crowd on stage to give their best metal scream to determine if they'll play "Seasick" or "Love, American Style". Far also played at The Hurricane on the Tin Cans tour, but I can't remember the details of with whom they played. The band recently reformed and released an excellent album, At Night We Live, their first since 1998.
The link to download the text file with all audio (mp3@192 kbps) and video (mov, H.264, 640 x 480) download links are below the video embeds for "Mother Mary", "What I've Wanted To Say", and "El Scorcho/Seasick".
You can stream all videos from the set at my YouTube channel. As always, please share, but distribute the link to this post rather than the link to the text file. Enjoy! I hope to get around to posting the sets from Incubus and Ultraspank in the near future, too.
Click to watch Far play "Mother Mary".

Click to watch Far play "What I've Wanted To Say".

Click to watch Far play "El Scorcho" and "Seasick".
1998-04-02, Kansas City, MO, The Hurricane (42 minutes)
1. Wear It So Well
2. Really Here
3. Mother Mary
4. The System
5. Unknown (For Ray?)
6. Waiting For Sunday
7. Nestle
8. What I've Wanted To Say
9. Bury White
10. El Scorcho/Seasick
UPDATE: Here's a new link for the video for "Mother Mary":

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