Thursday, June 3, 2010

Post-Memorial Day Hangover

It was such a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here in The Cities that I had to enjoy a little bit of break from posting. Here in Minnesota the long holiday weekend is traditionally the time when a mass exodus from The Cities occurs so that everyone can open their cabins for the summer. I'm content to hang at home, drink beer and wine, and fire up the grill. Thank you for stopping by and making May the biggest month here yet!
Here's a quick preview of some things to look for in the near future. I'll have demo and album reviews from some local bands such as Alation, Attention, and Smiling Politely, in addition to a bunch of reviews of new releases by bands coming to town. The recent Hypocrisy show was pretty amazing, and my upcoming review will have a ton of pictures and video for you to check out. I've also got some great archival video of concerts from Nevermore, Sevendust, (Hed)pe, and Far that have never been circulated. Of course, unplanned things always happen, so be on the lookout for some unexpected things, too.

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