Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Angle Obscure Album Review

The Angle Obscure – Silence Is Our Canvas
Self-released, 2009
The Angle Obscure is without a doubt one of the most original bands from The Cities. They follow the lead of experimental, technical hardcore bands like Between The Buried And Me, but Silence Is Our Canvas has this cool, laid-back stoner rock vibe that permeates the songs. Organ is used throughout many of the six songs, half of which are over eight minutes long. The songs are paced well, and nothing feels rushed as the band jams through solo after solo in the lengthy tracks. The hardcore label is a bit misleading, because the group owes more to bands such as Karma To Burn, Clutch, and Nebula. Songs are mid-tempo based, and “Gravity Pulls” pushes the limits of the speed and heaviness of the album. The mellowest song of the album, “Point Of Transition”, is really where The Angle Obscure shines. A neat little riff leads into a righteous groove, which then transitions into some guitar noodling cast over a haunting bass line. Technicality comes into play with the guitar solos, which are numerous and lengthy. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear young bands embrace the art of soloing. Another favorite is the opening track, “Inner City Blues”, which covers a lot of musical ground over its nine minutes. This is music meant to be listened to loud while you zone out, absorbing the vast complexity of sounds and styles. The harsh, screamed vocals are definitely going to put some people off, but I enjoy their contrast to the structured, ordered sense of the album. The Angle Obscure is already hard at work on a new album, and I can’t wait see how the band further develops their sound. This band should definitely be getting some label attention, and they would be a fantastic addition to a label that embraces eclectic music such as Relapse, Victory, Prosthetic, or Tee Pee. Half of the album is available for streaming on the band’s MySpace page, and I would click over there now and start with “Point Of Transition”. A better option is to just download the entire album from Amazon, where it’s a steal for $6. The Angle Obscure is off to an impressive start with Silence Is Our Canvas, and they are well-deserving of wider exposure.
The Angle Obscure plays at Station 4 in St. Paul on Friday, May 28 with Rivkit, Tears Of Ash, Reaping Asmodia, and Debbie Does Malice.
The Angle Obscure’s next appearance is Wednesday, June 23 at The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis while supporting Cage with Dawn Of Valor and Avalon.

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