Saturday, May 8, 2010

Klank - January 17, 1998, Kansas City, MO

Here's another ultra-rare, uncirculated live show! This one comes from industrial metal powerhouse Klank, led by guitarist/vocalist Daren "Klank" Diolosa. Prior to forming Klank, Daren played guitar for the legendary Circle Of Dust. Quite simply, Klank's Still Suffering album, and Circle Of Dust's Brainchild and self-titled (the re-recorded 1995 version) albums are among the best industrial metal albums ever recorded! Klank has their first album of all new material in over ten years coming out later this year entitled Urban Warfare. A reworked version of their 1999 album Numb called Numb...Reborn (with a couple new tracks) was just released, and some live shows are in the works.
To gear up for all of this long-awaited activity, I digitized a VHS-C recording of Klank from the Still Suffering tour in Kansas City. This was recorded on January 17, 1998 at Yahweh Cappuccino in Kansas City, MO. The show actually took place in a cramped church basement with no stage and only stand-mounted lighting. Therefore, the video is a bit dark but the sound is fantastic. I remember it being a dark, snowy night and I had trouble finding the church. I arrived just as the show got underway, so the recording cuts into the first song, "Fall". Based on Daren's comments after "Scarified", "Leave" was not played. It's unclear if "Animosity" was played, but in any event the band performs nearly the entire Still Suffering album. This is the only known full-length live recording of Klank known to exist!!
I've also included below a flyer for a Circle Of Dust show in 1995 in Kansas City that I was lucky enough to catch. Man, what a show! Circle Of Dust were just absolutely crushing live, and they played a lot of my favorites such as "Dissolved", "Self Inflict", and "Onenemy". I wish I had a recording of that show.
Check out a couple songs from the recording and download the text file below. The text file contains links to download both the video (mov, H.264, 640 x 480) and audio (mp3@320 kbps or flac) files of the show. Enjoy!
Klank - 1998-01-17, Kansas City, MO, Yahweh Cappuccino
1. Fall
2. Deceived
3. Time
4. Burning
5. Downside
6. Disease
7. Scarified
8. Woodensoul

Click to watch Klank perform "Downside".

Click to watch Klank perform "Time".

Click to watch Klank perform "Burning".
As always, if you want to share the link, please link to this blog post rather than linking to the text file. Thanks!

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  1. Hey...
    It's KLANK.... I cant believe that i was looking through the net for something totally unrelated and i end up coming across your site here. Great video. Thanx for the props!! I've been scouring the net searching for avenues to pimp out our latest release "NUMB...Reborn" which came out last week. Hit me up.