Friday, May 21, 2010

Limp Bizkit From The Vault

Wow, the level of interest in the Limp Bizkit video is beyond what I would have ever expected! I thought I'd follow this up with some Limp Bizkit memorabilia from 1997 and 1998. First is a pass that I was given at the July 14, 1997 Kansas City CD signing.
Next up is a flyer and ticket stub for a Deftones show that Limp Bizkit supported later that year at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas (December 12, 1997). I think Will Haven actually canceled their performance that night. This is pretty cool because not many promoters commission artists to draw unique, original flyers for concerts anymore.
Last is a photo pass from the first Family Values Tour Limp Bizkit did with Korn, Rammstein, Ice Cube, and Orgy. This show took place at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri on October 22, 1998. Unfortunately none of my Limp Bizkit photos from that night turned out very well, so I won't post any of them.
Limp Bizkit announced yesterday that they have canceled all of their U.S. headlining shows scheduled for this summer. This does not affect festival dates, including their stop at Rock Fest. Their appearance at Rock Fest is one of only three U.S. shows that will take place until the fall and winter.
Limp Bizkit will be playing at Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin on Sunday, July 18 with Alice In Chains, Drowning Pool, Trapt, Sleeper Cell, and Black Valentyne.
UPDATE: I forgot that I also saw Limp Bizkit on their very first tour before Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ was released in 1996. This show was with Korn, The Urge, and Delinquent Habit on October 16, 1996 at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas. Limp Bizkit got a great crowd response and I remember Fred Durst throwing demo or sampler tapes into the crowd.
UPDATE X 2: Below is a signed promo picture and interior of the Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ CD booklet. These were both signed at the 7th Heaven Records event in Kansas City on July 14, 1997.

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