Thursday, May 20, 2010

Annotations Of An Autopsy Album Review

Annotations Of An Autopsy – II: The Reign Of Darkness
Nuclear Blast, 2010
Geez, for all the hype and high praise this English death metal band receives I expected a lot more than this. Riffs are heavy and chunky with slow, sludge-like riffs over never-ending double-bass drums and blast beats. There’s definitely some influence from Obituary being brought to the fore at times. I simply don’t see anything that sets Annotations Of An Autopsy apart from a thousand other death metal hopefuls. The songs are executed well, but three songs in and each song sounds like the last. Call me underwhelmed and unimpressed.
Annotations Of An Autopsy will be appearing at The Rock in Maplewood on Monday, May 24 as support to Dying Fetus. Additional support will come from Arsis, Misery Index, and Conducting From The Grave.


  1. now try listening to it as an whole. This is a concept album ( if you understand what that is ) All the songs on the album relate to one and another .creating a complete piece of work. god you people call yourselfs reviewers. makes me laugh . 7/10

  2. I'll give it another try. I know a lot of people love aoaa, but I'm not a fan of all death metal. I appreciate your comments even if we disagree!

  3. I honestly cant see how you can decribe the band as "Like a thousand other death metal hopefuls" . firstly these guys have always been death metal,thier only mistake was to try and unite the sub genres by mixing all the elements.secondly they can in no way be described as hopefuls,thirdly sit this album alongside most of 2010 releases and it certainly stands out,im not saying its the best but a solid piece of Death Metal it certainly is.
    I think if this album came out with a different band name then even you would be singing its praises. Time people moved on and put away thier biaz attitudes and embrace new Death Metal. If not we will all be listening to the same old albums forever.7.5/10

  4. He never said he didn't embrace new death metal in jump to conclusions too fast about how someone feels overall about something, and then you put in a sly remark about him possibly not knowing what a concept album is...pathetic. I think you need to rethink and listen to more music before you get all fanboy on this band. With that said this band is "meh" to me.

  5. Dear John .. little man i have been around music for many a year,I have responded to this joke of a review. If you want to come on here and reply to the review then feel free to do so. but little man don't jump to conclusions about who you think you are commenting to. Now be a good little boy and run along.

  6. If you want a proper review go listen to the songs online............after all, are you men or sheep...i'm sure you are capable of making up your own minds about what you the way that john is some retard

  7. I think that john boy wants to lick the reviewers bollock's.what a dawk he must be.anyway good album .
    underwhelmed and unimpressed by the the way who ever believes hype ??????. But then again the internet is full of bedroom reviewers.just seen AOAA at Cali Metalfest and they were awesome live.

  8. This Guy calls himself a reviewer,what the hell is this world coming to when dicks like this have any say. I picked his album up the other day and its fucking awesome.
    I give this "reviewer" so called. 0.5/10