Saturday, May 8, 2010

Revocation Album Review

Revocation – Existence Is Futile
Relapse, 2009
The recent retro-thrash movement has spawned a multitude of bands that harken back to the classic Bay Area sound that can be entertaining at times, but mostly leave me disappointed at the lack of originality. Leave it to Boston’s Revocation to answer the call and finally release a thrash album that is innovative and compelling. Existence Is Futile perfectly strikes that delicate balance in twisting a well-worn style into something unique. “Enter The Hall” isn’t some thoughtful, acoustic introduction. The instrumental opens the album with serious, pummeling riffs before a vicious growl leads “Pestilence Reigns” into a drum clinic by Phil Dubois. Other exceptional tracks are “The Brain Scramblers”, “Dismantle The Dictator”, “Anthem Of The Betrayed”, and “The Tragedy of Modern Ages”. There’s absolutely no filler present on the album, and it holds up well when played through in its entirety. Four of the eleven songs are instrumentals but one doesn’t even notice this as the songs blaze by. Revocation draws in enough influences across the span of the album to avoid the one-dimensional sound of peers such as Evile and Warbringer. The shared vocals of bassist Anthony Buda and guitarist David Davidson are more akin to a death metal or hardcore band, and this also helps to bring a unique identity to the band. What has me most impressed is that elements of the songs have a shade of familiarity to them, but to the band’s credit it is difficult to say that their sound becomes an imitation of other bands. It also amazes me that just three individuals can create such a forceful sound. Revocation is far ahead of the competition in the race to be the new kings of thrash. Look no further for an innovative take on this well-worn style.
Revocation will be appearing at The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis on Saturday, May 8 as direct support to Cattle Decapitation. Additional support will come from Enfold Darkness.

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