Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Misery Index Album Review

Misery Index – Heirs To Thievery
Relapse, 2010
In less than 35 minutes Misery Index demonstrates why they are one of the best death/grind metal bands out there. Heirs To Thievery, the band’s fourth full-length album, brings a level of song writing skills and technical proficiency that makes Misery Index stand out from the pack. Nearly all of the songs fall under the three or four minute mark, so the band is very efficient in making their statement and moving on to the next song. If the album was any longer it would begin wear on the ears, so it’s nice that the band has avoided the trap of packing as much onto a CD as possible. Heirs To Thievery does an outstanding job of mixing monstrous riffs, blast beats, and thick, heavy grooves into something that is enjoyable to listen. Among the album’s strong points are the furious madness of “You Lose”, “The Seventh Cavalry”, a rare slow track, “The Carrion Call”, and the title track. While the entire album rips your face off with its toxic assemblage of guitar work, it’s the drum work of Adam Jarvis that steals the show. He does an outstanding job of maintaining order to the songs, yet somehow adds fills and rolls in a way that adds to the technical nature of the album without sounding extraneous. Every death metal fan should add Heirs To Thievery to their collection as Misery Index have taken a massive leap over the bar set by other death/grind bands. It’s no easy feat to write an album in this style that can be enjoyed in its entirety, so Heirs To Thievery will only grow the legend that Misery Index is cultivating.
Misery Index will be appearing at The Rock in Maplewood on Monday, May 24 as support to Dying Fetus. Additional support will come from Arsis, Conducting From The Grave, and Annotations Of An Autopsy.

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