Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Upcoming Concert Reviews - Cain, High On Fire, Steelheart

I went to the High On Fire/Torche/Kylesa show last night at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, so look for a full review with videos and photos later this week. Kylesa is extremely powerful on stage and put on a monstrous show. I wasn't expecting much from Torche, but their live show is quite impressive. As always, High On Fire was great, although guitarist Matt Pike suffered through a couple equipment problems. It was a fantastic show all the way around.
In the next day or two I'll also have posted reviews (with videos and photos) from the amazing reunion show by Cain, as well as thoughts on Steelheart at Pickle Park in Fridley. Look for all of this soon!


  1. Equipment problems? Dude was wasted. You could see the moment he walked on stage. I know this dude works hard as hell, tours a ton, but it was shit. They now sell can coozies that say "High on Fire says 'get wasted', which has nothing to do with the lyrical tropes of the band, but its nice to see that he is taking his own advice.

  2. agreed. dude walked off in the middle of a song, couldn't even play the riff
    on Snakes for the Divine. Kylesa and Torche both killed but honestly High on Fire was a bit of a let down. One of my favorite bands but he needs to save the drinking til after the show and do his fucking job! glad my ticket was free!