Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NEVERMORE - October 28, 1997, North Kansas City, MO

After a long absence, Seattle's Nevermore returned with a new album this year, The Obsidian Conspiracy, and they recently set out on an extensive North American tour. Station 4 in St. Paul hosts Nevermore, Warbringer, and Hatesphere for a Halloween show on Sunday, October 31. Go to the Nevermore Myspace page for a list of other remaining tour dates. Mutiny Within previously announced that they have dropped off the tour due the lack of a permanent drummer.
What better way to get primed for this show than to enjoy an uncirculated Nevermore concert unveiled here for the first time. Video and audio are available for you to download Nevermore captured in late 1997 while on tour to promote The Politics Of Ecstasy as the support band for Flotsam And Jetsam. Vocalist Warrel Dane wasn't kidding when he announced to the crowd as he takes the stage, "Hello, we're the band that no one knew was playing!" This show was part of radio station KQRC 98 Rock's Monday night sponsorship at Roadhouse Ruby's hosted by hilarious, popular morning show personality Johnny Dare, but no mention of Nevermore was ever given during promotion. Despite this, the club was packed early to witness Nevermore's first show in Kansas City. The 45 minute set primarily consisted of material from The Politics Of Ecstasy, and also included two songs from the In Memory EP and "Sanctuary", a song from the debut album, Refuge Denied, of Warrell and bassist Jim Sheppard's previous band Sanctuary. I've embedded the video for a couple songs here for you to check out, and you can stream the entire show through my YouTube channel.
Click to watch Nevermore play "The Seven Tongues Of God"
Click to watch Nevermore play "This Sacrament"
Click to watch Nevermore play "Sanctuary"
North Kansas City, MO
Roadhouse Ruby's
1. The Seven Tongues Of God
2. This Sacrament
3. Next In Line
4. Silent Hedges/Double Dare
5. Optimist Or Pessimist
6. Sanctuary
7. The Politics Of Ecstasy
8. The Tiananmen Man
The link to the text file below contains the download links for both the audio (mp3, 320 kbps) and video (mov, H.264, 640 x 480) files. I occasionally get requests for concert videos as a single file, so this is also available (mp4, 640 x 480).
As always, I encourage and welcome sharing, but please share the link to the post rather the link to the text file!

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