Friday, August 5, 2011

Upcoming Posts

Okay, I'm finally set to get a whole bunch of overdue things posted. You may have seen a slew of videos from some shows during the last three months that I've posted on my YouTube channel. This month I intend to get the audio of these posted for downloading. I've posted some full-length concert videos for download, but I won't be doing this any longer. The main reason is that video files are very large (especially the high-resolution ones I've been most recently shooting), and all file hosting services I've tried are extremely unreliable, to say the least. More often than not, the uploads crash and major headaches ensue when I have to attempt uploading a single file multiple times. Sorry about those of you who like video bootlegs, but it's just too much of a hassle.

I'll also add a note about audio file quality of shows available for download. First, I post everything at the bit rate at which they are recorded, 192 kbps. I currently don't have anything that records at higher bit rates. For people that sniff their nose at anything not lossless or at 320 kbps, I understand. I could encode files so that they appear to be lossless, but I don't want to fool anyone or waste your hard drive space. Second, yes, the quality of bootleg recordings varies! Some of these sound better than others. My experience has been that the quality primary depends on the sound inside the venue. I'm not a sound engineer, but I do master the original files so that they sound the best that they can on my sound system. They probably sound a bit different on your stereo or computer, so adjust your equalizer settings to listen. The most important thing is that these recordings do not have any distortion, and so generally they are extremely listenable for audience recordings.

There's a lot of things to post so I'm going to start with shows for which I've had requests. First up will be the Devin Townsend Project on July 5, 2011 in St. Paul. Here's the artwork for some other upcoming posts to whet your appetite. These posts will be combined reviews of the respective concerts. There's many more to come, so just hold tight.

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