Thursday, October 18, 2012


Melechesh – Mystics Of The Pillar II EP
Nuclear Blast, May 2012

Think of this EP as quality bonus tracks to follow up the 2010’s outstanding The Epigenesis album. This three-track, 25-minute EP features songs from the album in different forms. First up is “Mystics Of The Pillar”, featuring a drastically different, alternate ending than the album version. The final couple of minutes are faster, and sounds equally at home as the original. Next are instrumental versions of “Sacred Geometry” and “The Epigenesis”, also from The Epigenesis. These actually work great as instrumentals, so prepare to be pleasantly surprised at how well these sound. “The Epigenesis” works especially well without vocals, and really affords you the opportunity to appreciate the guitar solos and unusual instrumentation used throughout its 12 minutes. If you’re unfamiliar with Melechesh, this is actually a great way to check out this awesome thrash/black metal band on the cheap (it’s only $2.99 at iTunes, inexplicably it’s $8.99 at Amazon). Give credit to Nuclear Blast for not gouging fans by re-issuing a “special” or “tour” edition of The Epigenesis with these tracks, and allowing them to be purchased as a separate product.

Melechesh performs this Friday, October 19 at Station 4 in St. Paul as support to Septicflesh alongside Krisiun, Ex Deo, and Inquisition.

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