Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alation Demo Review Update

I recently reviewed the excellent 2010 demo from Minneapolis metal band Alation; I rated it as a 9, and you should read the reviews of the demo and a recent show. The band have now released an expanded version of the demo that includes a fifth song, “Aflame”. I previously posted a video of this song from a performance in May (you can view it below), so it’s great to see this amazing song included. Clocking in at over seven minutes, “Aflame” is the band’s most ambitious song to date. It begins with simple vocal melody, then shifts into some brutal screaming from Angel accompanied by a buzzsaw riff. Drummer Curt really steps it up on this song and adds some interesting fills throughout. The song then leads into an acoustic vocal interlude led by bassist Paul that rebuilds with a guitar solo back into a fast ending. “Aflame” could well be Alation’s best song, and if it’s an indication of the direction of future tracks then things can only get better for this exceptional band. All five demo tracks can be purchased through the band's Myspace page.
Click to watch a live performance of “Aflame” from May 21, 2010 at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis
 Click photo to see more pictures of Alation (23).

Alation will be playing at the Northern Wisconsin Metalfest 7 Pre-Bash in Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin this Saturday, August 28. Their next two Twin Cities-area shows will be September 24 at the Star Bar in Columbia Heights and November 5 at Crypticon 2010 in Bloomington.

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