Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rush Single Review

Rush – Caravan/BU2B Single
Anthem/Atlantic, 2010
While progressive rock gods Rush released this single as a way to escape from the studio, it also reflects the growing trend of bands releasing singles and EPs on a more frequent basis than full-length albums. This is a welcome shift in the music world, and it’s heartening to see a band of Rush’s stature willing to experiment with musical formats. Although only two songs are present here, they signal a shift towards a harder-edged, more uptempo sound reminiscent of 1993’s Counterparts. “Caravan” is the better of the two tracks, and it features a memorable chorus and some cool bass work from Geddy Lee that should be finding its way onto rock radio. The second track, “BU2B”, has a slow, heavy riff upon which the verses are built around before the chorus picks up the pace. Both tracks are excellent, and they hold great promise for the next album. Rush fans should definitely download these tracks – even longtime fans will be pleased with the slight change in direction. Those longing for a return to Rush’s classic sound from the 70’s may not be convinced, but there’s a lot to look forward to if you enjoy Counterparts or Test For Echo.
Rush will be performing at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand in St. Paul on Friday, August 27.

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