Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CAIN To Reunite And Be Inducted Into Mid-America Hall Of Fame This Friday

Further information has now been obtained about legendary Minneapolis 70's band Cain reuniting for a performance this Friday, September 17 at the Mid-America Music Hall Of Fame Induction Show. Cindy from the Mid-America Music Hall Of Fame has confirmed that the lineup for this special performance will include vocalist Jiggs Lee, bassist Dave Elmeer, drummer Brad Shultz, and guitarists John Kast and Marc Partridge. Cain is scheduled to go on at 10:40 pm, and they will play five to seven songs. According to Cindy, the band is "very excited about playing again" and "they are having some fun with it."
This one-time Cain reunion is in honor of their induction into the Mid-America Music Hall Of Fame. Cain vocalist Jiggs Lee commented about the induction, "Now that you look at what you've done, you've managed to incentivize some really good musicians to come together to play some really good stuff." The Mid-America Hall Of Fame Induction Show takes place this Thursday–Saturday, September 16-18 at the Sheraton Bloomington hotel, and will feature an impressive lineup of 24 performing inductees, including Cain, The Lamont Cranston Band, The Rembrandts, The Electras, and Sounds Of Blackness. The non-performing honorees include Twin Cities concert promoter Sue McLean. For complete information about this event, visit the website or Facebook page for the Mid-America Music Hall Of Fame.
Cain was one of the heaviest bands out of the Midwest in the mid-70's, and they created quite a stir nationally with their two albums, A Pound Of Flesh and Stinger. Out of print until reissued by Monster Records (now Rockadrome) in 2003, A Pound Of Flesh is one of the most beloved and collectable cult metal/hard rock albums from the 70's. Their legend has only grown throughout the years, and notable metal critics such as Martin Popoff have long heaped praise upon their albums. To the best of my knowledge, Cain has not performed live since the late 70's so do not miss the opportunity to witness this legendary band!
UPDATE: I've been in contact with vocalist Jiggs Lee, and I'll have some exciting news in the near future about the release of some live Cain material.
UPDATE X2: Be sure to check out my recent interview with Cain vocalist Jiggs Lee: http://twincitiesmetal.blogspot.com/2010/09/cain-interview-with-vocalist-jiggs-lee.html


  1. Hey, just wanted to mention that the show is September 17th (not November 17). Tickets are still available at the door. Don't miss this!

  2. Oops! Thanks for catching this, the correction has been made.