Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Year Anniversary

Twin Cities Metal turns one year old today! Quite honestly, the site has taken off to a much greater extent than I expected and I'm grateful for the support shown by all the readers, regular visitors, bands, promoters, and press contacts. I'm amazed at the visitor statistics from all over the world, especially considering I have little to no time to active promote the site. The number of visitors to Twin Cities Metal continues to steadily grow every month, and it's gratifying that I continue to reach new readers. The feedback I have received from everyone has been nothing but positive.
It's been a fun journey for me in adapting what I used to do in print format to the web. I have a very time-demanding day job, and I maintain the site solely because I love hard rock and metal and hope to help foster a strong music scene in Minnesota. By my count, the past year has seen 266 posts (22.2 per month), 64 album reviews (5.3 per month), and 23 concert reviews (1.9 per month). As I've become accustomed to regularly updating the site I've begun to feature interviews and additional news items about bands playing in the Twin Cities. No major changes are planned for the immediate future, but I do intend to incorporate more band interviews.
Thank you for your interest in Twin Cities Metal, and I appreciate your continued support. If you like what I'm doing, all I ask is that you bookmark the site, tell your friends, spread links through email, Facebook, or Twitter, follow me on Twitter, or simply stop by on a regular basis. Cheers!

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