Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Concert Review: SEPT OF MEMNON in Minneapolis

Sept Of Memnon
Saturday, June 7, 2014
Terminal Bar, Minneapolis, MN

Following the end of Wayne Static’s set at the Skyway Theatre, I hopped across the Mississippi River to catch what I could of Sept Of Memnon, a great black metal band hailing from Rock Island, Illinois. Unfortunately, I only caught the last three or four songs, so my comments will be brief.

Click on either picture to see more live photos of Sept of Memnon on my Flickr site (15).

A small but enthusiastic crowd was gathered around the small stage illuminated only by candlelight as the band raged through the end of their brutal set. The title track of the their debut, self-released EP, They Who Devour God, was among the tunes that I caught. Both band and crowd were headbanging furiously to the buzzsaw riffs and howling screams, yet the drummer managed to hold it all together with some impressive drumwork. These play a no-frills style of black metal and lays waste to most bands playing today. It all ended too quick, and the audience had their wish for an encore granted.

It was a shame I missed most of the show, yet thankful I caught what I did. Head on over Sept Of Memnon’s Bandcamp page to give their EP a listen, and give them more than the dollar they’re asking for a download of the three digital tracks.

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