Saturday, June 7, 2014


Photo taken from The Dagger's artist page on the Century Media site.

While listening to the latest episode (June 2014) of the Century Media podcast, my ears picked up upon hearing a cool song, "Ahead Of You All" from a new Swedish band called The Dagger. Their self-titled debut album will come out July 22nd in North America. The band includes members of Dismember and Grave, but drop your death metal expectations at the door because this is one righteous NWOBHM throwback. You can tease out all sorts of late-70s and early-80s influences from Judas Priest to the obscure. What really grabbed my attention was the blatant homage to Deep Purple.

Listen to the Soundcloud posting of "Ahead Of You All", and at the 3:23 mark you'll hear a nearly identical passage to that following Jon Lord's organ solo in the 1974 classic "Burn" by Deep Purple. Compare the 3:23 mark in "Ahead Of You All" to what comes at the 4:24 mark of "Burn" (from YouTube).

I usually despise when bands ripoff others' tunes, but this is so cleverly done that it's hard not to smile. "Ahead Of You All" is obviously written out of love for early British metal, and I'm really looking forward to hearing the rest of The Dagger's album when it's released.

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