Saturday, October 22, 2011

ALATION Demo Review

Alation – Demo 2011 #2
Self-released, 2011

Click picture to see more photos of Alation performing last year (23).

I’ll keep this review of Minneapolis band Alation’s latest demo brief, since it reprises tracks previously found on two of their earlier demos from 2010 and 2011 (reviewed here and here). This demo features three songs, “Bed Of Nails”, “Abscess Of Insanity”, and “Aflame”, as new versions that have been re-recorded and/or remastered. There’s not a whole lot of difference in the songs themselves, but they definitely sound better than ever when compared to the earlier versions. “Bed Of Nails” is a fast, thrashy song that benefits most from a superior drum sound than that found on the 2010 demo. The differences on the other two songs are more subtle. “Abscess Of Insanity” has Angel singing in her rough, aggressive voice, while she mixes it up with clear singing on “Aflame”. Musically the band blends thrash with technical guitar leads to create a modern sound that any fan of extreme metal will love. Alation is one of the best local bands playing in the Twin Cities area right now, so don’t miss your chance to catch them live this weekend. While it’s nice to hear these songs with a better sound, hopefully some new songs will be released in the near future.

Click to watch Alation perform “Aflame” last year in Minneapolis.

Alation performs this Saturday, October 22 at Station 4 in St. Paul with Under Eden, Echoterra, and Minos. This is a 16+ show, doors are at 7:00, and it’s only $5.

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