Sunday, October 23, 2011

CAGE Interview: Discuss Upcoming Album Supremacy Of Steel

I had the chance to sit down with all five members of Cage on September 29, 2011 in St. Paul at Station 4 after they completed their soundcheck for that night's show. We primarily discussed their soon-to-be released sixth album, Supremacy Of Steel, that hits stores worldwide November 25, 2011. Most of our conversation made it through the final edits, except the band's thoughts on the importance of packaging of physical product in the age of digital music sales. Clips from Cage's performance that night were incorporated into the interview footage, and you can browse over to my YouTube channel to view the entire concert. If you like aggressive, full-throttled power metal and have never acquainted yourself with Cage, be sure to watch this interview.

Watch the interview with Cage.

In addition to live shots from the show (view here), I got some nice band pictures from a photoshoot—a couple of them are below. Also, don't forget about my review of the entire that was published in two parts: Cage in Part 1, and Dawn Of Valor, Minos, Eternal Voyager, Noble Beast, and Iron Finger in Part 2.

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