Saturday, October 29, 2011


Dawn Of Valor – Immortal Flame EP
Self-released, 2011

Click picture to see more photos of Dawn Of Valor while supporting Cage on September 29, 2011 (23).

With a heavily revamped lineup, Dawn Of Valor from the Twin Cities returns with this four-song EP that establishes them as a renewed force here in the local scene. Joining guitarist John Leibel and bassist Ted Jedlicki are three new members: Jaden Adair (vocals), Andrew Johnson (guitar), and Joe Waller (drums). The band seems rejuvenated, and the overall quality of songwriting and presentation is vastly improved from last year’s self-titled EP. After a short spoken word introduction, “Lutetium” kicks into high gear with a fast introduction that leads into an Iron Maiden-sounding chorus. “Valkyrie Sky”, with its memorable melody and interesting guitar work, perhaps best showcases the capabilities of the band. The final song, “There Can Be Only One”, is a bit heavier and has some excellent solos that leave you wanting more. Dawn Of Valor has been putting a lot of work into creating an interesting twist on traditional metal, and it’s great to see the efforts bearing fruit with Immortal Flame.  They’re also the hardest working band in the area in terms of promoting their shows so I suspect that the coming year will be a good one for Dawn Of Valor.

Click to watch Dawn Of Valor perform “Valkyrie Sky” on September 29, 2011 while supporting Cage.

Dawn Of Valor performs Wednesday, November 2 at Station 4 in St. Paul as support to Blaze Bayley, and they headline The SwordLord’s 2nd Annual Christmas Concert on Saturday, December 17 with Echoterra, Minos, Alation, and Purified.

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