Friday, June 1, 2012

MESHUGGAH Album Review

Alright there's been a slew of shows recently and unfortunately I haven't been able to post some album reviews by bands who've played in the Twin Cities in the last month or so. I'll get a few of these album reviews posted. First up is the latest from Meshuggah, who played in Minneapolis at First Avenue on May 13 with Baroness and Decapitated.

Meshuggah – Koloss
Nuclear Blast, March 2012

Back with studio album number seven, Sweden’s Meshuggah continue along a path similar to their more recent output. If you’re a fan of this technical death metal institution chances are you won’t be disappointed. I’ve generally not been a fan of Meshuggah; their stop/start-staccato riffing style makes my head hurt. Even a non-fan, though, can appreciate the complex, heavy riffs of “Marrow” and “Swarm”. I can’t cant get past, though, the boring drone of slow numbers such as “Behind The Sun” and “Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion”. Many of the songs fall somewhere between the extremes my opinion, and overall I’m lukewarm to Koloss. It’s not a terrible album, but the weak points outweigh its strengths. Meshuggah fans are going like Koloss, but I don’t think new listeners will be brought on board.

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