Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Sid Wilson/Mushroomhead/Blue Felix
Saturday, June 9, 2012
G.B. Leighton’s Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

This was bound to be a memorable show, if only because Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson (aka DJ Starscream) was billed together with Mushroomhead for this one night. Despite the past history of bad blood between the two bands, this would be proof that no hard feelings remain. Sid has been out on the road on a solo tour, and it only seemed natural to have him join Mushroomhead’s show on his night off between Rochester and Fargo.

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I arrived to miss all the local bands except for Blue Felix, and the only word that comes to mind about their performance is horrible. Playing forgettable rap-metal that went out of style over ten years ago, this masked crew didn’t get off the stage early enough for me.

Not having seen Mushroomhead since 2009 or so at The Rock in Maplewood, I was looking forward seeing them. As always, they put on a great show aside from it being too short. Of the four or five times I’ve seen Mushroomhead play headline shows, I’ve never witnessed a set longer than 60 minutes – tonight’s barely topped 50 minutes. A Mushroomhead show is always dramatic with two “water drum” kits on the front sides of the stage spraying plumes of water every time they’re hit, while the rest of band runs around the stage inciting the crowd. Surprisingly, opener “Come On” was the only song played from their most recent album, Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children, instead relying heavily on Savior Sorrow and XX. Some songs are more or less obligatory (“Bwomp”, Solitaire/Unraveling”, and “Sun Doesn’t Rise”), and these were rounded out nicely with “12 Hundred”, “Save Us”, “Kill Tomorrow”, and “Damage Done”. As I reported on June 10, “43” was introduced halfway through the set by stating that: “We got Sid Wilson coming on after us…Mushroomhead, Slipknot in the same room acting like decent people. There is no motherf*ckin beef at all!” The high point of the show came at the end with an awesome performance of “Simple Survival” followed by “Empty Spaces/Born Of Desire” to close the show. Mushroomhead never disappoints with their show, but I wish they would play longer sets.

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This was Mushroomhead’s show, but Sid Wilson took the stage soon after they got off to keep the crowd in the bar until closing time. Getting started around 1:15 am, the crowd had definitely thinned out by the time Sid arrived on stage. Surprising everyone, two members of Mushroomhead took the stage as Sid was getting going behind his turntable to play the water drums during the first song. It was a nice gesture, and this will undoubtedly go down in the annals of Slipknot lore. The first half of Sid’s performance had him behind his DJ console scratching records while dance music blared from the sound system. He then stepped to the front of the stage where he was joined by two rappers for a hip-hop style performance right up until the bar closed at 2. I’m not familiar with Sid’s solo work and can’t tell you the songs he played, but the second half of the show that had him rapping was the far more entertaining part. He was clearly having a good time on stage, and although not metal Sid’s set was a lot of fun. I had the chance to chat with Sid for a while after his set, catching up about personal things and reminiscing about some old Slipknot memories. Probably the last time I had seen him was backstage when Slipknot played Roy Wilkins Auditorium a few years ago, so it was a fun end to the night.

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