Sunday, June 10, 2012

MUSHROOMHEAD Join SLIPKNOT's Sid Wilson on Stage: Mushroomhead on Slipknot 'Feud': "There is no motherf**kin' beef at all!"

I returned late last night from the Mushroomhead show at G.B. Leighton's Pickle Park in Fridley, where for one night only they were billed together with Sid Wilson (aka DJ Starscream) of Slipknot, who's also currently out on tour. Sid took to the stage after Mushroomhead, and Mushroomhead declared at one point during their set, "Mushroomhead, Slipknot in the same room, acting like decent people. There is no motherf**kin' beef at all!" (Audio will be forthcoming.)

Despite a relatively short but outstanding 55 minute set from Mushroomhead, Sid didn't take the stage until 1:15 am. He performed a DJ/rap-style set all the way up until the bar closed at 2:00. As Sid's set started with him alone behind his turntable kit, two members of Mushroomhead rushed onto the stage to play their "water drum" kits during the first song. I'll have a full concert review with pictures posted in due course.

These two crappy pictures are screen shots from the video I shot (natural lighting, no flash), but these will have to do.

This will undoubtedly continue to fuel interest in a joint tour with the two bands whose oft-mentioned feud is more likely due to actions and behavior of their longtime, loyal fans. Having known Slipknot since the pre-Corey Taylor days while they were slugging it out in the clubs of Des Moines, it was great to have the opportunity to reconnect with Sid after the show. Since Slipknot will be returning to the area for Knotfest on August 18 in Somerset, Wisconsin, I'll begin digging out and posting some old photos from 1999–2002. There's many, many Slipknot shows that I've shot, so I'll probably do this over several posts. As a teaser, here's a scan of an early promo shot of Slipknot from (I believe) 1998, around the time I interviewed late bassist Paul Grey before the band was signed to Roadrunner, as well as one of the first Roadrunner promo pictures with Jim Root in 1999 autographed by the entire band. These pictures are low resolution and were 8 x 10 originals - they are not of sufficient quality to be printed and passed off as originals.

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