Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS - Medina, MN, February 1, 2013

UPDATE 2: New Mediafire link here. RS link still works, but I wasn't aware of their new download restrictions. Thanks for everyone's patience!

UPDATE: Download link now works! RS had changed default permission settings, and I was not aware of this. Enjoy!!

Here's the first of what should be a string of new, never before released live recordings. I recently reviewed the Eric Burdon & The Animals show in Medina on February 1, and now here is an audio recording of the entire show. Eric played selections from his entire career, and he had a fantastic band along for this current run of dates to promote his new solo album.

Artwork is included in the zip file. Do me a favor and share the link to this post, not the direct download link. Enjoy!

The download link is here!

Eric Burdon & The Animals - Live Animal Instincts
February 1, 2013
Medina, Minnesota, Medina Entertainment Center
mp3 @ 192 kbps, zip file 110.61 MB

1. When I Was Young (5:34)
2. Inside Looking Out (3:21)
3. It's My Life (5:52)
4. Devil And Jesus (5:29)
5. Red Cross Store (7:07)
6. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (6:56)
7. I'm Crying (7:30)
8. Water (5:01)
9. Before You Accuse Me (4:38)
10. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (11:46)
11. Spill The Wine (9:21)
12. The House Of The Rising Sun (6:55)
13. River Is Rising (2:45)
Total time - 82:15


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  3. Sorry! I wasn't aware that RS changed the default folder settings!! This is now fixed and the download link above should work.

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    3. Thanks for the "file owner's public traffic exhausted" tip. I wasn't aware of this new BS restriction on RS! The link does work, but you have to wait til the next day if you get this message. I'll get this reupped somewhere else.

  4. Thanks for the show. Ive been fan of Eric & Animals since 1964. watched interview on PBS re: new CD release "the low road" it was interesting..

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