Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Album Review - HYPOCRISY

Hypocrisy – End Of Disclosure
Nuclear Blast, 2013

Now on their twelfth album, Hypocrisy isn’t treading new ground anymore but they continue to issue forth quality albums. End Of Disclosure is a bit more restrained and slower than 2009’s A Taste Of Extreme Divinity, however, the intensity doesn’t let up. The album starts with the slow, epic title track, and  “Tales Of Thy Spineless” and “The Eye” each gradually pick up the pace in the vein of fast, classic thrash. These songs lead up to “United We Fall”, the most death metal song on the album. From here the remaining six songs are deliberately slower and the output is mixed. There’s not a bad song here, but “Hell I Where I Stay” and “Soldier Of Fortune” are a bit of a drag on an otherwise excellent album. Hypocrisy sticks to the melodic death metal we’ve come to expect from them, with “44 Double Zero” even sounding like In Flames. My only real complaint is that with all of the fast songs upfront, the overall pace of the album could have benefited from an alternate song sequencing. Aside from this, End Of Disclosure is another fine addition to the Hypocrisy armamentarium, an album without compromise that stays true to Swedish melodic death metal.

Hypocrisy has CANCELED their performance on Tuesday, May 7 at Station 4 in St. Paul. Krisiun, Arsis, and Starkill will go on with the show with support from Deretla, Diabolical Sacrilege, and Daigoro.

Hypocrisy performing May 23, 2010 at Station 4 in St. Paul. Click on the picture to see more live Hypocrisy photos from this show (29).

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