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UPDATE: Scan of the ticket stub and Mike Muir autograph from their show with Queensrÿche on May 14, 1991 was added.

Suicidal Tendencies is playing in Minneapolis tonight - they always put on an entertaining show so get out and see them. Here's a few things I pulled out of my archives of stuff. The new album, 13, is a good one - check out my review here.

The Welcome To Venice compilation from 1985.

First up are pictures of my copy of the rare vinyl LP Welcome To Venice, a compilation released by Suicidal Records in 1985 that features Suicidal, Beowülf, Los Cycos, No Mercy, and Excel. This was only released on LP and cassette and has never been reissued in any format, so copies sell on eBay in the $50–100 range. I bought this in the mid-80s from one of my cousins, who sold me a stack of punk/hardcore albums including the first Suicidal albums as well as ones from C.O.C., Circle Jerks, Excel, and Descendants.

The first chance I had to see Suicidal was on the tour for Lights...Camera...Revolution opening for Queensrÿche on the Empire tour on May 14, 1991 at the Five Seasons Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. An odd billing, to be sure, but Suicidal went over surprisingly well with their short set. They mainly played songs from Lights...Camera...Revolution, including "You Can't Bring Me Down", "Lovely", "Alone", and "Send Me Your Money". I think "Pledge Your Allegiance" and "How Can I Laugh Tomorrow" rounded out the set, but I was shocked that nothing from the first two albums was played - they were definitely trying to appeal to a metal crowd. Before Queenrÿche started I spotted Suicidal vocalist Mike Muir on the edge of the arena floor by a dressing room door and was able to get his autograph (above).

Suicidal Tendencies performing in 1998 at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas. Click on the live pictures to see more photos from this show (11).

Their set list changed dramatically the next time I saw them on November 9, 1998 at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas. This was a co-headlining show with Infectious Grooves right before Suicidal released the Six The Hard Way EP. I wasn't a fan of Infectious Grooves, but their live show was impressive. Now Suicidal ignored all their radio and video hits from the last four metal albums and focused on the first two. It was awesome to hear all those songs, and the show definitely signaled a change in the band back towards their punk roots. All of the live pictures here are from this show, and were the best I could get with a crappy old camera in a packed club.

The last time I caught Suicidal was in early 2000 at Cane's in San Diego while promoting the weak Freedumb album. Surprisingly, this is the show I remember the least about. What I do recall were some songs from Freedumb alongside ones from the first two albums. It still was an excellent show, just not a memorable one for some reason. I had an off night with my camera for I just have a roll of film that's entirely out of focus - too bad, because these could have been some great pictures.

Promotional picture from 1999 to promote Freedumb.

Suicidal Tendencies performs tonight, Tuesday, April 16 at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis with support from DRI and Waking The Dead. In Defence plays a free (with ticket) pre-concert show downstairs in The Nether Bar.

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