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Within The Ruins, The Contortionist, I Declare War, Reflections, Don’t Worry I’m A Doctor, and From Concept To Chronicle – Part 1 of 2
Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Station 4, St. Paul, MN

Due to the length, I’m dividing my review of this six-band bill into two parts. The first part here will feature the first three bands of the night.

Click on the picture to see more photos of From Concept To Chronicle (14).

A massive snowstorm across the upper Midwest left City In The Sea stranded in South Dakota, so locals From Concept To Chronicle and Don’t Worry I’m A Doctor were brought in. From Concept To Chronicle was up first with a crushing three-guitar attack whose brutality was impressive. These guys play a very technical style of fast metalcore with a singer belting out high-pitched screams. They made the most of their short 20 minute set, and did a great job of warming up the early arrivers.

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Don’t Worry I’m A Doctor also made a good impression with their 20 minute set. Similar to From Concept To Chronicle, their music borders more on death metal rather than metalcore, and their vocalist uses mainly a deep scream and spent most of this time howling into a light box on stage. It took a couple songs for me to warm up to them, but the band quickly hit their stride and also delivered a short, crushing set. Both opening bands are ones to watch out for.

Click on either picture of Reflections to see more photos of the band (21).

The Twin Cities’ own Reflections have amazingly built up a growing national fanbase on the strength of their great self-released debut album, The Fantasy Effect, last year. Their inclusion on this tour is proof that key industry people are taking notice of their groove-based, technical metalcore. A large contingent of fans turned out early to catch Reflections on this hometown stop for the band, and they looked comfortable on stage as they proved they’re the real deal. The Pantera-like assault of “Lost…” and “…And Found” opened their show as the crowd chanted along. “Good Push” went over well, and this was followed by a new song, “Derlirium”, another heavy one with plenty of guitar pyrotechnics. The ambitious “Rotations” was one of the set highlights before closing out with a shortened version of “Ceilings”. Reflections has confirmed a yet-to-be-announced summer tour, so get out to support them when they roll through your town.

Part 2 with reviews and pictures of I Declare War, The Contortionist, and Within The Ruins will be posted soon.

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