Sunday, April 28, 2013

SANCTUARY Performed Three New Songs in St Paul

This is just a quick note regarding the awesome one-off Sanctuary show last night in St. Paul at Station 4. They played a killer 80-90 minute set that drew heavily from both albums, Refuge Denied and Into The Mirror Black. The highlight of the show was the performance of three new songs slated for their next album, The Year The Sun Died: "Frozen", "Low", and "The World Is Wired". From I understand this was the first-ever performance of at least one of these songs. Secondhand sources informed me that "Frozen" was only written three weeks ago! Based on these songs, the new album should be every bit as good if not better than anything the band has done. Check back soon for a full review of the show with pictures and an audio download of the entire concert.

In chatting with the band after the show, the new music is progressing well and it's likely that the release will be early 2014 rather than late 2013 as previously announced.

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