Friday, June 14, 2013

SADGIQACEA And HIVELORDS Announce Extensive U.S. Tour, Minneapolis July 19 with AMBASSADOR GUN

Sadgiqacea, a doom/sludge band from Philadelphia, has lined up a six-week summer tour with Hivelords that stops in Minneapolis on July 19 with Ambassador Gun and Poney on the bill at the Nomad World Pub. Some details differ from the tour poster, but the listing below reflects the most up to date information. This is one grueling tour – 45 shows in 45 days!

Sadgiqacea and Hivelords US Summer Tour 2013
July 4 – Lindenwold, NJ, The Sex Dungeon, w/Space Drugs, Great Red Spots
July 5 – Montclair, NJ, The Meat Locker
July 6 – New York, NY, The Acheron
July 7 – Providence, RI, Munchouse, w/Graveside Service
July 8 – Boston, MA, Charlie’s Kitchen, w/Vygr, The Proselyte
July 9 – Portland, ME, St. John Basement Venue, w/Eastern Spell, Swwath
July 10 – Lowell, MA, Wilder Zangcraft
July 11 – Worcester, MA, Ralph’s Diner, w/Untombed, Zafakon
July 12 – Jamestown, NY, Reg Studio Theater, w/Ancients Of Earth, Controlled By Fear
July 13 – Pittsburgh, PA, The Rock Room, w/Dendritic Arbor, Microwaves
July 14 – Columbus, OH, Bourbon Street Cafe, w/Bridesmaid
July 15 – Indianapolis, IN, Melody Inn
July 16 – Chicago, IL, Cobra Lounge, w/Neverender, Jar’d Loose
July 17 – Madison, WI, The Wisco
July 18 – Wausau, WI, The P.I., w/Poney
July 19 – Minneapolis, MN, Nomad World Pub, w/Ambassador Gun, Poney
July 20 – Des Moines, IA, TBA
July 21 – Omaha, NE, The Hideout, w/At The Left Hand Of God, Primal Waters
July 22 – Kansas City, MO, Bad Haus, w/Boreas, Keef Mountain
July 23 – Wichita, KS, Kirby’s Beer Store, w/Behold! The Monolith, The Serpent Overlord, Knifewound
July 24 – Denver, CO, Lost Lake, w/Behold! The Monolith, In The Company Of Serpents
July 25 – Salt Lake City, UT, Burt’s Tiki Lounge, w/Huldra, IX Zealot
July 26 – Boise, ID, The Shredder, w/Set And Setting
July 27 – Seattle, WA, Kraken Bar, w/Carrion Cathartid, Crop
July 28 – Portland, OR, The Know, w/Atriarch, Bastard Feast
July 29 – Eugene, OR, Tiny Tavern
July 30 – San Francisco, CA, Hemlock Tavern
July 31 – Long Beach, CA, Alex’s Bar
August 1 – Las Vegas, NV, The Dive Bar
August 2 – Tucson, AZ, District Tavern, w/Cavedweller, Conqueror Worm
August 3 – Las Cruces, NM, The Trainyard, w/Oryx
August 4 – San Antonio, TX, TBA
August 5 – Austin, TX, The Dirty Dog, w/Rust
August 6 – New Orleans, LA, The Big Top
August 7 – Tallahassee, FL, TBA
August 8 – Tampa, FL, Epic Problem, w/Landbridge
August 9 – Miami, FL, The Fountainbleeuuarghh, w/Sadie Hawkins
August 10 – Orlando, FL, TBA
August 11 – Jacksonville, FL, Shantytown, w/Nisroch
August 12 – Columbia, SC, TBA
August 13 – Rock Hill, SC, The Courtroom At Getty’s
August 14 – Charlotte, NC, The Milestone
August 15 – Chesapeake, VA, Roger’s, w/Day Of The Beast, Ravn, Cremains
August 16 – Richmond, VA, TBA
August 17 – Philadelphia, PA, The Khyber, w/Ramlord, Occult 45, Lonesummer

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