Saturday, October 5, 2013


Iron Reagan – Worse Than Dead
A389, 2013

If you long for the glory days of crossover, when the fusing of metal and hardcore gave us bands like Excel, Wehrmacht, Gang Green, you might as well go purchase this debut EP from Iron Reagan right now. Fast thrash riffs combine with breakneck-speed drumming and shouted vocals to deliver non-nonsense songs that get right to the point. There’s no screwing around – nothing is over 2 minutes long, and a whopping 19 songs clocks in at just 25 minutes. Crossover was pretty well beat to death in the 80s so don’t except a brilliant new take on the style; enjoy Iron Reagan for what it is – fun, short blasts of thrash that delivers a punch to the gut. Iron Reagan is also notable for featuring members of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour, and Cannabis Corpse. If you missed out on the original crossover craze, Worse Than Dead is also a great starting point for discovery.

Iron Reagan performs tonight, Saturday, October 5 at First Avenue in Minneapolis as support to Gwar with Whitechapel and A Band Of Orcs.

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