Sunday, October 13, 2013

VULGAARI to Play Darkness Day 2013

Vulgaari, courtesy of the band's Facebook page

I've been trying for weeks to find out what bands are going to be playing Darkness Day at Surly Brewing in Brooklyn Park on Saturday, October 26, and so far the only confirmed information I've been able to gather is that Vulgaari will be playing. Surly's Head Brewer and Powermad guitarist Todd Haug is now playing guitar in Vulgaari. I'll post more details about bands playing Darkness Day as soon it's confirmed.

Todd Haug, Head Brewer of Surly and guitarist of Powermad and Vulgaari.

Darkness Day, for the unaware, is the annual festival held at Surly to celebrate the release of their widely lauded and limited-issue Russian imperial stout lager, Darkness. If you live in the Twin Cities this is the best (and most fun) place to get your hands on this highly sought-after beer. This year's label design for the bottles is below.

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