Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Crinn Album Review

The Crinn – Dreaming Saturn
Nuclear Blast, 2010
After two EPs, St. Paul’s technical, progressive hardcore crew is now set to unleash their sonic mayhem worldwide with the release of their full-length debut on Nuclear Blast. The Crinn takes this style to new heights with unconventional guitar riffs and sounds, bizarre song structures, and a penchant for experimentation. Everything has improved from 2007’s self-titled EP, from song writing maturity to longer, more complex songs to dispensing with the snarky song titles. Dreaming Saturn nearly collapses under its own complexity, however, the track sequencing helps greatly to hold your attention. It’s nearly incomprehensible to grasp the full scope of Dreaming Saturn in a single listen or two, so be patient and allow your mind to absorb this with multiple plays. “Incipience” leads off the album, and builds slowly from a slow introduction into frenetic chaos before slowing back down with no loss of intensity. There’s little to no break between songs, and quickly one of the seven-plus minute tracks, “Anaphylactic Shock”, is upon you. This is one the best songs on the album, and it successfully integrates long, subdued passages that climax into neck-snapping jaunts. The other lengthy song, “Voluptuous Eruptions”, begins some dischordant scale exercises and leaps between crazy rhythms, free-form noodling, and even solid riffs reminiscent of Kyuss. The remainder of album is no less impressive, but the longer songs are given a chance to breathe and explore greater musical realms. Before you know it 40 minutes have gone by and the recovery process begins with the spaced-out closing instrumental “Down, In Waves”. On Dreaming Saturn The Crinn have laid out a roadmap for the future of experimental hardcore and can legitimately claim to be the rightful successors to Zao, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Between The Buried And Me. The bar for the genre has begun to be raised, and The Crinn have established themselves are a major contender.
The Crinn will be playing their Dreaming Saturn record release show at The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis tonight, Saturday, April 23. Support will come from Ambassador Gun, Blue Ox, and Guzzlemug.
The next local appearance of The Crinn is Saturday, May 29 at Station 4 in St. Paul with support from Dead By Wednesday, We Are Legion, Expyre, This Will Not End Well, and She Fach Dahm.
The Crinn then opens a diverse bill at The Rock in Maplewood on Saturday, July 24 supporting Soilwork with Death Angel, Augury, Mutiny Within, and Swashbuckle.

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