Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ratt Album Review

Ratt - Infestation
Loud & Proud, 2010
Defying all the odds, Ratt has returned with a vibrant, respectable album. The band is always going to have a hard time recreating the magic of the EP and their first three albums, but Infestation can stand proudly alongside their classic back catalog. This is easily Ratt’s best album since Dancing Undercover, blowing away anything since then. Quiet Riot’s Carlos Cavazo is the latest guitarist alongside Warren DiMartini. His playing fits well with the band and he seems to have helped breathe some new life into Ratt. Infestation leads off with “Eat Me Up Alive”, a track that sounds like prime, classic Ratt. “Lost Weekend” is the other song that old fans can immediately latch onto. The remainder of the album explores a number of different sounds without straying too far from their distinctive style, a problem with Reach For The Sky. A more modern, heavy sound is evident on songs such as “Take A Big Bite” and “As Good As It Gets”, demonstrating that their sound can evolve in good ways. Another group of songs, “Best Of Me” and “A Little Too Much”, and “Don’t Let Go”, again harken back to Ratt’s mid-80s sound. The only real stinkers are the quasi-blues stomp of “Look Out Below” and the weak ballad “Take Me Home”. Infestation sounds better and better with each listen, and will definitely take everyone by surprise. Ratt have managed to write an album that lives up to the legacy of their early albums while sounding fresh and relevant over 20 years later. This is a must-buy for all fans of Ratt.
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Ratt will be appearing at the Medina Entertainment Center in Medina on Friday, May 14. Support will come from Knight Crawler.

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