Friday, April 9, 2010

Demon Hunter Album Review

Demon Hunter – The World Is A Thorn
Solid State, 2010

Now on their fifth album, Demon Hunter borrows heavily from Sepultura and Pantera in crafting their modern, melodic-sounding tunes that are slick enough to appeal to mainstream-oriented fans of Sevendust and Slipknot. Nothing on The World Is A Thorn is bad, but I guess I feel unconvinced and a little underwhelmed. Demon Hunter isn’t afraid to throw down some monstrously heavy slabs such “Tie This Around Your Neck”, the album’s highlight with its crushing chorus, and the title track. Most of the tracks, however, are sung with clean vocals and trend towards the nameless fare I hear on the radio. Keyboards are used with restraint, but their liberal use on “Just Breathe” and “Collapsing” sounds forced. The band has definitely succeeded in producing an album that has broad appeal to most metal and hard rock fans, but extreme metal fans will find The World Is A Thorn to be too weak.

Demon Hunter will be appearing at Cabooze in Minneapolis on Wednesday, May 12 as direct support to As I Lay Dying. Additional support will come from Bless The Fall and War Of Ages.

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