Monday, April 12, 2010

Mutiny Within Album Review

Mutiny Within – Mutiny Within
Roadrunner, 2010
Upstarts Mutiny Within have been touring relentlessly in advance of their self-titled debut album, and now that it’s out we can finally hear what all the buzz is about. Mutiny Within is exciting and promising in many ways, yet the band still has room to grow and develop. For the most part the album is best described as modern technical metal, but the band’s sound can be inconsistent. “Awake” opens the album with a thrash metal groove, but quickly slows down for the keyboard-heavy chorus. “Images” and “Falling Forever” are decent enough songs, but “Year Of Affliction”, a song that incorporates a great melody, really shows how good the band can be. “Lethean” shows off some Shrapnel-worthy guitar licks, and “Oblivion” and “Reflections” showcase the heavy side of the band. Things fall flat, however, on the slower songs such as “Foresaken” and “Undone”. The high-end vocals become too intrusive and the pace becomes plodding. There’s actually a lot to like about Mutiny Within. The unabashed, liberal use of technical guitar solos is noteworthy since there was a time not too long along when producers would strip solos out of any young bands’ songs. The band’s sound is also difficult to neatly categorize, so fans of technical, progressive as well as thrash metal are likely to enjoy the album. The challenge ahead for Mutiny Within will be to further define and develop their sound, and the potential for future greatness is here.
Mutiny Within will be appearing at Station 4 in St. Paul on Monday, April 12 as direct support to Sonata Arctica. Additional support will come from Powerglove.
The band will again play at The Rock in Maplewood on Saturday, July 24 as support to Soilwork. Additional support will come from Death Angel, Augury, Swashbuckle, and The Crinn.

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