Monday, March 25, 2013


Ambassador Gun – Golden Eagle
Prosthetic, October 2012

If there were any doubts that Minneapolis’s own grindcore merchants Ambassador Gun would tame their sound since signing with a larger label, they’re immediately put to rest as opening track “Wounded Knee” erupts with a wall of feedback and technical riffs buried under a crushing level of distortion. Golden Eagle is relentless for the entire 30 minutes, with a slower, sludge-like portion near the end of “Slowbled” being the nearest thing to a breather. Luke and Tim scream their vocals with equal venom, heavy with distortion like everything else here. The most interesting aspect of the album is the brilliant work of drummer Patrick. “Sunshine Acid” is a great example of how the drumwork is precise, yet teeters on the edge of control with all the fills and blastbeats. Golden Eagle also contains new versions of three songs from Ambassador Gun’s prior releases: “Crack Ikon”, “Chris Brown”, and “Circle The Lord Of Flies”. There’s nothing musical or nice here, so don’t expect anything less than a brutal pummeling from Golden Eagle. Grindcore fans will delight with what Ambassador Gun has to offer, but most will find this to be too much. Golden Eagle will establish Ambassador Gun as leaders in the current crop of grindcore bands, however, I find myself enjoying the band more at their live shows.

Click photo to see more pictures of Ambassador Gun live on April 24, 2010 at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis (13).

Ambassador Gun performs Thursday, March 28 at The Nether Bar at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis with support from Nerves, Much Worse, and Call Of The Void. The band next plays at Neisen's in Savage on Saturday, June 8 with support from Outside, The Murder, Climactic, Ghosthook, and Mastiff.

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