Monday, March 11, 2013


Stars In Stereo – Album Preview EP
Hundred Handed, October 2012

Stars In Stereo is an L.A.-based, female-fronted band that’s poised for major success when their debut album is released in April. This four-song EP, as the titled suggests, is a glimpse of what to expect when the album arrives. What you have here are melodic hard rock songs custom-made for rock radio. The production is modern, with some use of electronic effects on the drums and vocals that don’t distract from the songs. Singer Becca Hollcraft has a bright, strong voice, and her vocal tracks are heavily harmonized throughout. Aside from the radio appeal, however, there’s not much else of note from Stars In Stereo. This is pretty run-of-the-mill rock that’s hard not to like, but yet there’s nothing of unique, compelling interest. With the success of like bands such as Halestorm and Flyleaf, it’s a good bet that it will be hard to avoid Stars In Stereo in the coming year or two. If these types are bands are your thing you’ll want to pick up the album, otherwise it’s safe to pass on this if you’re looking something more interesting.

Stars In Stereo performs tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12 at First Avenue in Minneapolis as support to Flyleaf and Drowning Pool.

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