Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tonight - (HED)P.E. in St. Paul

(hed)p.e. performing at the Tattoo The Earth festival in San Bernardino, CA on August 12, 2000. Click on the picture to read the From The Vault post with more pictures (22).

Happy Easter everyone! Easter brings no relief from the onslaught on shows, so here we go. Long-running rap-core band (hed)p.e. brings their show to Station 4 in St. Paul tonight with local support from Nuisance, Strate-Jak-It, and Angry Room. This is an all ages show that starts early at 6:00; tickets are $15 at the door. Check out my earlier posts where you can download audio of (hed)p.e. live in 1998 and pictures from the Tattoo The Earth Festival in 2000 as part of the From The Vault series.

If you're in the south metro area, it's not too far to Mankato to see local industrial metal band Screaming Mechanical Brain at the What's Up Lounge with Candy Machine Guns from Milwaukee and Evasive Maneuver. This is an all ages show that starts at 8:00, and is $8 at the door. I reviewed SMB's The Policy Of Unilateral Hate album here (9/10), and Candy Machine Gun's show opening for Red Lamb at Station 4 in St. Paul here.

Check out the video for "Salt The Earth" (demo version) from Screaming Mechanical Brain (lyrics not work friendly).

Candy Machine Guns performing March 24, 2013 at Station 4 in St. Paul. Click pictures to see more photos of Candy Machine Guns (17).

Lastly, local band Apocalypse Theatre has their Revolution Circus show with a variety of performance artists at G.B. Leighton's Pickle Park in Fridley.

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