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NEVERMORE - October 28, 1997

October 28, 1997
N. Kansas City, MO, Roadhouse Ruby’s

Nevermore has sadly disbanded, but former guitarist Jeff Loomis and the pre-Nevermore band Sanctuary are coming to town very soon. To celebrate, here is an uncirculated Nevermore performance from 1997 to promote their second album, The Politics Of Ecstasy. Nevermore was out opening for Flotsam & Jetsam– you can download the audio of their show here.

Singer Warrel Dane wasn’t kidding when he announced at the start of the show, “We’re the band that nobody knew was playing!” Nevermore’s appearance on the bill wasn’t advertised or promoted at all. Nevertheless, they ripped a 45 minute set that curiously ignored their debut album. Of the eight songs performed, five were from The Politics Of Ecstasy, two from the In Memory EP, and surprisingly, they performed “Sanctuary” from the first Sanctuary album Refuge Denied.

At one time my video of this show was on YouTube, but for this occasion I’ve remastered the sound to eliminate most of the hiss from the master tape and boost the overall quality. Most of these songs were eliminated from later Nevermore sets, so enjoy this blast of early material from this great band.

The download link is here. As always, please share, but share the link to this post rather than the direct Mediafire link. Enjoy!

Sanctuary Denied
October 28, 1997
N. Kansas City, MO, Roadhouse Ruby’s
mp3@192 kbps, 61.1 MB zip file (artwork included)

1. The Seven Tongues Of God (7:04)
2. This Sacrament (5:13)
3. Next In Line (5:30)
4. Silent Hedges/Double Dare (4:57)
5. Optimist Or Pessimist (4:08)
6. Sanctuary (4:24)
7. The Politics Of Ecstasy (7:39)
8. The Tiananmen Man (5:57)
Total time: 44:52

Former Nevermore and Sanctuary guitarist Jeff Loomis performs tonight, Wednesday, March 27 at Station 4 in St. Paul as direct support to Soilwork with Blackguard, The Browning, and Wretched.

The reformed Sanctuary performs Saturday, April 27 at Station 4 in St. Paul with support from Hollowstone, Avian, and Redshift.

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