Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SEPTICFLESH - October 19, 2012

Here is Greece's black symphonic metal masters Septicflesh, performing their first headlining show in the Twin Cities. My review of the show (with pictures) can be found here. Mainly consisting of material from their last two albums, The Great Mass and Communion, this hour-long set hit all the highlights. Also included are four bonus tracks - Septicflesh live in St. Paul in 2011 while supporting Children Of Bodom with Devin Townsend. This isn't the complete show - the first two songs, "The Vampire From Nazareth" and "Communion" are missing. At this show, Septicflesh was forced to start almost immediately after the doors opened; so, with the line to get in stretched around the block most of the crowd missed a good portion of their set.

The download link is here. As always, please share, but share the link to this post rather than the direct Mediafire link. Enjoy!

Arise, St. Paul
October 19, 2012
St. Paul, MN, Station 4
mp3@192 kbps, 115.27 MB zip file (artwork included)

1. The Vampire From Nazareth (5:09)
2. Communion (3:57)
3. A Great Mass Of Death (5:13)
4. Virtues Of The Beast (5:23)
5. Unbeliever (5:05)
6. Pyramid God (5:59)
7. Lovecraft’s Death (4:40)
8. Oceans Of Grey (5:29)
9. We, The Gods (4:13)
10. Persepolis (6:40)
11. Anubis (4:39)
12. Five-Pointed Star (6:53)
Total time: 63:20

Bonus tracks: July 5, 2011, St. Paul, MN, Station 4
13. A Great Mass Of Death (5:13)
14. Pyramid God (5:33)
15. Anubis (4:40)
16. Five-Pointed Star (6:20)
Total time: 21:46

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