Thursday, March 21, 2013

Album Review - KMFDM

KMFDM - Kunst
Metropolis, February 2013

Kunst, the 18th studio album from the influential, long-running German industrial band KMFDM, finds the band struggling to avoid repeating themselves. This is simply due to the astounding longevity of the band rather than a lack of quality music. Perhaps this assessment is a bit harsh, but any band with this number of albums faces the same issues. KMFDM is at their best on their heavier, guitar-based songs represented here by the title track, “Pseudocide”, and “Animal Out”. Kunst is more varied than some of their other albums, with "I < Not" and "Ave Maria" being softer, slower, and more electronic. Another highlight is "Hello", which combines heavy guitar with whispered vocals, eventually building into a massive shouted choirs. The dancey, pop elements frequently employed by KMFDM is what sets them apart from what most people think of industrial music so you won't mistake this for Ministry or Skinny Puppy. Kunst is an enjoyable and varied listen, if not innovative. The bottom line is that Kunst is another quality album from KMFDM that again demonstrates why they've endured for nearly 30 years.

KMFDM performs Monday, March 25 at First Avenue in Minneapolis with support from Legion Within, Chant, and Czar.

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